Liberate Your Data

Crossroads is an Internet of Things application framework that turns field data into easy-to-read visualizations that help you see patterns and identify trends - without wading through spreadsheets.

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What is Crossroads?

Stop reading between the lines.

Crossroads works as an autonomous client through API level integration, pulling real-time data and utilizing a cellular connection to securely transmit analytics. Through a browser-based application, similar to the way iOS and Android supports a collection of apps; the Crossroads platform hosts IoT specific applications called Widgets.

The Crossroads dashboard provides your blank canvas to drag-and-drop Widgets in a way that makes sense to you. Data is tied to specific filters you define: geography, time, device type, signal, and more. With a suite of Widgets readily available and the ability to rapidly develop new ones, Crossroads scales to any organization's needs.

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